Who We Are

​Design Center (DC) Colorado is dedicated to fostering partnerships between students, industry, government agencies, and other organizations.
Situated within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, we immerse teams of graduate and undergraduate students in externally sponsored design projects throughout the academic year. DC Colorado combines the already established and respected undergraduate senior design course with a newly launched graduate design program.
The sponsored projects, with their unique focus on user-centered design, concept generation, and hands-on engineering, are attracting students and sponsors alike in unprecedented numbers.
The draw for students is the focus on hands-on projects, sponsored directly by engaged partners, who acquire a functional product at the end of the year-long project. Through regular interaction with fabricators, suppliers, and sponsors, students learn the engineering design process, industrial design, and entrepreneurship.


Industry, government and non-profit partners get exposed to the best and brightest students, receive new and unique design ideas to challenging problems, and evaluate potential future hires. Past sponsors have noted that the enthusiasm demonstrated to them by the student teams is contagious and has caused them to become re-energized in their own jobs - a win/win all around.


If you are a graduate student and want to apply to the program, click here.  If you are an industry member and would like to sponsor a student project, click here.



  • Over 1600 student participants
  • 290 projects from 66 organizations since 2000
  • 100%  ME student participation in sponsored projects
  • 1500 student hours per project
  • 34 sponsored projects for 2015-2016
  • 29 Faculty Advisors for 2015-2016

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