Advanced Product Design

Advanced Product Design (MCEN 5055). Offered Fall Semester.  Introduces the processes and methods for designing products, including: need finding and need specification, ideation and idea selection, design thinking, user-centered design, human factors, sketching, pretotyping, user feedback, prototyping, intellectual property, and product launch. Teams of 3-4 students will design and build a novel product throughout the semester.
This course is required for the Design Track BS/MS and enrollment is by application.  Applications are due to Prof. Greg Rieker ( by April 1st for enrollment in the course the following fall (details on the application are located on the Graduate FAQ page). If you are already accepted to the Design Track MS, a separate application is not required.
We encourage Advanced Product Design students to carry their product concepts forward to MCEN 5045 Design for Manufacturability in the Spring semester to take the next step toward a real product launch.
Advanced Product Design is a pre-requisite for Graduate Design (MCEN 5065, MCEN 5075), a two-semester design experience centered around an industry-sponsored project that includes: problem definition and specifications, determining design requirements, user feedback, alternative design concepts, engineering analysis, concept prototypes, and CAD drawings. See the Graduate Design tab for more information.

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