We are continually working to add additional design courses to the Graduate Design Program.

A total of 30 hours are required for the M.S. degree. At least 18 must be in MCEN courses, or 15 must be in MCEN courses with 6 MCEN thesis hours.  In addition to the coursework for each track, M.S. students are required to take two semesters of Graduate Seminar, MCEN 5027. This class is pass/fail and is attendance based. It does NOT count towards the 30 credit hours required for the degree. Attendance is required at 2/3 of the seminars for a passing grade.

Design Track Check List

Core Courses (12 hours)​​​
MCEN 5020 Methods of Engineering Analysis (3)
MCEN 5055 Advanced Product Design (3) (Application for admission is required)
MCEN 5065 Graduate Design I (3) Pre-requisite: Advanced Product Design
MCEN 5075 Graduate Design II (3) 
Pre-requisite: Graduate Design 1

MCEN 5027 Graduate Seminar

MCEN 5027 Graduate Seminar

Choose Two of the Following Six (6 hours):
MCEN 5023 Solid Mechanics (3) or CVEN 5131 Continuum Mechanics & Elasticity (3)
MCEN 5024 Materials Chemistry & Structure
MCEN 5173, ASEN 5007 or CVEN 5511 Finite Element Analysis (3)
MCEN 5045 Design for Manufacturability (3)
MCEN 5125 Optimal Design (3) or ASEN 5519 Design Optimization (3)
MCEN 5115 Mechatronics & Robotics (3)

Enrichment Courses (9 hours from the list below)
Additional courses may be approved on a petition basis. Some courses may have prerequisites.

MCEN 5023 Solid Mechanics (if not taken in the core)

MCEN 5024 Materials Chemistry & Structure (if not taken in the core)

MCEN 5045 Design for Manufacturability (if not taken in the core)

MCEN 5115 Mechatronics & Robotics 1 (if not taken in the core)

MCEN 5125 Optimal Design (can also be ASEN 5519 Design Optimization) (if not taken in the core)

MCEN 5173 Finite Element Analysis (can also be ASEN 5007, or CVEN 5511) (if not taken in the core)

MCEN 5228 Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers 2

MCEN 5117 Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers 1
MCEN 5021 Fluid Dynamics

MCEN 5032 Sustainable Energy

MCEN 5042 Heat Transfer

MCEN 5044 Mechanical Behavior of Materials

MCEN 5183 Mechanics of Composites

MCEN 5228 Aesthetics in Design
MCEN 5228 Mechanical Failure of Eng Materials

MCEN 5228 Biocolloids and Biomembranes
MCEN 5228 Biomedical Ultrasound

MCEN 5228 Medical Device Design

MCEN 5228 Materials in Medicine

MCEN 5228 Wind Energy

MCEN 5228 Microsystem Integration

MCEN 5228 Biomechanics
MCEN 5636 MEMS 1

ASEN 5022 Dynamics of Aerospace Structures

ASEN 5148 Spacecraft Design

ASEN 5158 Space Habitat Design

ASEN 5327 Computational Fluid Mechanics

ASEN 5519 Human Factors in Design

ECEN 5011 Design of Medical Devices

ECEN 5053 Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

ECEN 5418 Automatic Control Systems 1

ECEN 5438 Robot Control

ECEN 5616 Optoelectronic System Design

CVEN 5050 Advanced Solar Design

CVEN 5565 Life-Cycle Engineering

CSCI 5412 Design, Creativity and New Media

CSCI 5839 User-Centered Design

One of the Engineering Management Courses below can be used as an Enrichment Course

(a second could be selected as your Elective Course):

EMEN 5825 Entrepreneurial Business Plan Preparation (Fall)
EMEN 5710 Business Simulation (Summer)
EMEN 5030 Project Management (Fall)

Elective Course (3 hours): Must be 5000 level or above

This course can be anything that is 5000 level or above.

Thesis Requirements (Optional)

A Master’s Thesis may be substituted for the Graduate Design projects course sequence or in some instances, completed in addition to the Graduate Design sequence. If the Thesis is to be substituted for Graduate Design, the thesis must be a design thesis (including design and fabrication work). For the thesis to be approved, a one-page abstract and proposed work plan need to be submitted to the design faculty. This proposal should be submitted as early as possible, but no later than the end of the student’s second semester. Approval is not guaranteed, so please be proactive in submitting this proposal as soon as possible. In addition, one of the design faculty MUST be on the student’s thesis committee.


These 6 Master’s Thesis credit hours would replace 6 credit hours of Graduate Design above, or if completing both a thesis and Graduate Design, these Master’s Thesis hours would replace 6 credit hours of enrichment courses above):

MCEN 6959 Master’s Thesis (3)

MCEN 6959 Master’s Thesis (3)


In addition all students who chose to write an MS thesis must register for:

MCEN 5208 Intro to Research (1) – This is a pass/fail seminar series offered in fall semesters that teaches ethics of research, hot to write a proposal, library skills, etc.

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