Graduate Design

Graduate Design projects course, MCEN 5065 and MCEN 5075, is taught by multiple design faculty. This two course sequence is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters following Advanced Product Design  (MCEN 5055) and Design for Manufacturability (MCEN 5045).  Graduate Design consists of teams of 3-4 students working on a design project:  the end result of this project is a piece of fully tested functional hardware with accompanying documentation. In many cases the project hardware will be representative of the final manufactured product.
The projects will come from various sources such as industry, non-profit organizations, student concepts for an entrepreneurship product, technology transfer, corporate grants, etc. Past sponsors have included:  ConMed, Covidien, TerumoBCT, Medtronic, Agilent, Sandia National Labs, Oracle, NIST, Department of Surgery, Department of Neurosurgery, and Los Alamos National Lab.  Examples of past projects are intellectual property (IP) sensitive.  In fact, several patent applications have been filed by industry partners with students as named inventors on these applications, and several products have gone into full-scale production.
While the course focuses on team design projects, formal class time discussions will center on design heuristics, project management, design trends, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), entrepreneurship, and oral presentation skills. 

“Grad Design offered a very unique and different approach to design learning than my undergraduate engineering education.”  -Graduate Design Student

“This project has been awesome;  I've learned and increased my skills beyond what I thought was possible!”

-Graduate Design Student

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