How Sponsorship Works

Design projects are funded by industry sponsors who pay a fee of $16K for undergraduate and $20K for graduate projects (we expect to be raising these fees by ~15% for the 2016-2017 year).  Throughout each design project, the student team works closely with its faculty advisor and industry mentor, who provide technical support and oversee the project to ensure it meets specifications and is delivered on time. Over the academic year, a dynamic relationship is developed, allowing the student team’s invention to come to fruition as a real engineering innovation benefiting the industry sponsor.
If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a project, please send us an email​!
What Sponsors Do




What Students Do



What Faculty Do

• The engineering Faculty Advisor will devote over 40 hours to supervising the sponsored student team throughout the academic year

• The Faculty Advisor assists student teams in understanding and executing the design process

• The Faculty Advisor serves as at the primary point of contact for academic topics (schedule, deliverables, grading, etc.) 

• The Faculty Advisor ensures that student teams meet the academic course goals and company's project goals


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