Sample Projects

​Previous Project Examples

ConMed Corporation
Bendable Argon Beam Laparoscopic Probe Redesign

ConMed’s Argon Beam Coagulation Probe uses ionized argon gas to cauterize tissues. Students successfully redesigned the probe to improve needle centering, needle stability, and design for manufacturing and assembly.

Industrial Inkjet Printer Hydration System Redesign

Students were tasked with improving the automated hydration system inside Ricoh printers and making improvements while reducing cost and component size and improving system installation. They were able design a new pump that increased flow rate while reducing the cost and size of the system with the end result of an 8% decrease in hardware cost and a 19% decrease in installation time.  Final poster


Deadleg Temperature Prediction Modeling

Students were asked to determine regions of piping at high risk of corrosion in refineries. They numerically modeled the temperature distribution in various deadleg piping configurations and then experimentally validated these models.  They also developed design curves to aid in deadleg pipe inspection with the potential to reduce inspection costs.  Final poster


​Current Project Examples

GE Energy
Portable, Manually Operated, Combined Wire Insulation Stripping and Termination Crimping Tool

Students are developing a fully functioning new prototype of  a wire insulation stripping and termination crimping tool. The goal of the redesign is to reduce  the current time this takes by 75% while improving the quality of wire terminations.

Micro Motion, Inc.
First-principles Liquid Density Characterization Device

Current fluid characterization meters achieve an accuracy of 0.2kg/m³, which does not achieve the  traceability desired by customers. Students are designing, building, and testing a prototype density characterization device that can achieve 0.04kg/m³.


U.S. Department of Defense
Measuring Model Vehicle Dynamics Resulting from Soil Blast

This project will lead to improved design of protective measures for soldiers riding in vehicles subjected to explosives. Two teams of students are working to achieve this goal: one group is designing and testing scaled models of vehicles that can withstand blasts and measuring pressure distributions; the other group is designing and testing a mechanism to simulate the explosion and impact that the vehicle will experience.

Project Areas

o Aerospace
      Past projects have ranged everywhere from design       of a lunar drill to designing various types of Mars       rovers and the development of rooftop trackers.



o Biomedical
      Past projects have ranged from minimally invasive
      surgical tool design and surgical navigation    
      hardware to blood pump machine improvement.


o Energy
​      Projects have ranged from evaluation of renewable
      energy storage systems to the design and
      fabrication of membrane heat pumps.
o Packing & Measurement
​      Projects range from creating aluminum container
      palletizers to building keg transporters.



o Automotive
      Past projects have focused on development of
      high mileage vehicles, development of fuel
      injection systems, creation of bearing performance
      test apparatus, and development of a hybrid 
      vehicle data acquisition system.
o Computers & Peripherals
      Projects range anywhere from creation of a haptic 
      user interface for the visually impaired to
      redesigning multi-plug electrical connectors to the
      design of dust mitigation systems for computers.
o Government Research
​      Projects range from developing soil blast
      simulations and creating cleaners for solar
      reflectors to creating tunable isolation systems for
      missile components.


o Sports & Recreation
​      Projects range from developing environmentally
      conscious snowboards to developing a loft and lie
      system for testing golf clubs.




Mechanical Engineering

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