The Design Center (DC) Colorado is a new concept in engineering education, fostering innovative, technical collaborations with business, industry, and government agencies.  DC Colorado brings real industry projects to undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, where integrated teams of 4 to 6 undergraduate students (3 to 4 students in Graduate Program), a faculty advisor, and an industry mentor develop workable solutions.  Student teams work on assigned projects for two consecutive semesters and deliver tested, functional hardware and documentation to the industry sponsor at the completion of the project.

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a project, please send us an email​!

Benefits of Sponsorship

Project Sponsors

o Products
      Sponsors obtain functional hardware with  
      documentation at the end of the project.



o Ideas
      Sponsors benefit from new ideas and approaches
      undertaken by student teams of either graduate or
      undergraduate students.



o Recruitment
​      Close interaction with student teams provides
      sponsors with a unique opportunity for recruiting  
      new graduates.



o Collaboration
​      Integrated teams comprised of faculty members,
      industry sponsors, and students focus on the
      successful completion of the project.
o Outreach
      Sponsored projects are showcased to the local
      community as well as other companies at a public
      design exposition each spring. 

Hear from previous sponsors...

​“The senior project allows Agilent Technologies to investigate a technology, process, or other product feature that we can utilize in our business and to find individuals for employment. Students from CU have developed new technologies for X-ray enclosure shielding, an X-ray shut-off mechanism, and a new printed circuit board conveyor. During the year-long project we are able to get to know students while they are training in real world engineering processes.
"The students in the [Design Center] are allowing us to solve product design problems more quickly. At the same time, they’re learning skills that will better prepare them for an engineering career. By developing new testing concepts for our drives and streamlining the data they acquire, they are ultimately helping to improve Seagate Products and their time to market."

"Just exceptional work by the whole team...CU should be proud of the quality of new engineers they are providing."

"Micro Motion feels that the senior design projects that we have done over the past several years have been quite successful. The first two projects involved the design of flow test stands that are now part of Micro Motion’s standard testing facilities. The students provided significant engineering effort in the design of these stands, allowing Micro Motion to implement the test facilities with less impact on our people’s time. The next two years of projects involved some proprietary research into a new technology. Micro Motion was able to guide the students into researching the feasibility of this new technology."


"Our CU team made substantial progress on a project that's been discussed a lot in-house and has not been able to gain much traction. The efforts of the CU team clearly jump-started activity that is continuing this summer. This was some valuable work for us to move forward on, and the success this team was able to generate has been a huge help."

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